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Is it unethical for me to not tell my employer i’ve automated my job? A good podcast I listen to (Everyday Ethics) says this about ethics. Gilbarco Veeder Root: Economter Calculator. Owner’s Manual Mode d’emploi Manuale d’istruzioni Manual de instrucciones Bedienungsanleitung Handleiding Руководство. 27/07/ · Realism on Russia Realism on Russia We must investigate claims of Russian interference in the election, while also de-escalating a dangerous crisis. International research-and-methodology journal established in It publishes research papers on physical education of children, teenagers and student youth.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. I currently work on a legacy system for a company. The system is really old - and although I was hired as a programmer, my job is pretty much glorified data entry.

To summarise, I get a bunch of requirements, which is literally just lots of data for each month on spreadsheets and I have to configure the system to make it work, which is basically just writing a whole bunch of SQL scripts.

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As you can guess, it is pretty much the most boring job ever. So what used to take the last guy like a month, now takes maybe 10 minutes to clean the spreadsheet and run it through the program. Now the problem is, do I tell them? If I tell them, they will probably just take the program and get rid of me. There might be amendments to the spec and corresponding though email etc, but overall, I spend probably hours per week on my job for which I am getting a full time wage.

I really enjoy the free time but would it be unethical to continue with this arrangement without mentioning anything? You sell results! But producing sub-par results to conceal the amount of time you actually work is unethical! Despite what everyone says here, you do not sell 40 hours of data entry per week, you sell the result processing X spreadsheets.


Think about it this way: if you get distracted, and in one month make so many mistakes entering the data that the entire month gets lost. Time in this case is a measurement of the work put in.

But because time is used as a shortcut to express a reasonable amount of work done by a reasonably competent person in that time, results are different based on the quality of your work. Unethical is the fact that you introduced bogus results in an attempt to conceal that you are faster unethical because is clearly dishonest, and because it may produce harm if people do not realize the incorrect result.

However, telling them would open a strange discussion that you might not want to have. None of them have anything to do with ethics. They are the result of negotiation between two parties, one of which, currently, has much more power than the other.

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Although the answer seems obvious to me, perhaps your personal ethics lead you to conclude that this is okay. I suspect you know the truth though and perhaps this is more along the lines of a humblebrag than anything else.

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  • One way to check this is to ask yourself if you would be proud to let others including your employer know what you have done. Okay, then you should just tell the company what you have done and see if they agree.

    Carry on. Many years ago, in a college Business Ethics course, we were taught to imagine specific, personal scenarios when exploring the ethics of a proposed action. In your case consider: "Is this the kind of example you want to set for your son? Hey guys, some good news.

    You found an escape route out of the trap of a dead-end job. But now, instead of parlaying your achievement into a real satisfying career, you are considering squandering it?

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    And then what? I think you are wasting your talents and this will ultimately make you less happy. You work remote now. There are tons of jobs on SO that allow remote work.

    I think not telling your employer is the worst choice you can make here. At the very least they should employ you long enough to integrate this solution into the actual application.

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    As I understand, you want to continue to be employed indeterminately to this employer for the time being with your son and all so to be in the clear in this case, you can potentially ask what other tasks you can perform for them in case you have time left from your main task which you always will as we know. Stop worrying, enjoy the time you have with your son, and to have ethics you first need to survive, so would say keep going, but make it cleaner. Then after a while tell them you have a little hours left every month and you thought that the whole system could be automated and you have an idea how.

    Depending on their reaction you can decide if you want to continue or not.

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    If they say no, keep doing what you do or find another job. If you go by that theory, it should be fine for them to keep paying. They might be happy the job is done an not care about how. Only difference to your scenario is that in an open market you have competitors who can also produce it cheap, so once the idea of automation is out, they might try to find someone else to do it, a real developer instead of a data entry guy, so give them reasons to take you, like you know the system, you know the pitfalls.

    You should also look into freelance jobs where you can do this kind of work and get paid "ethically". Yes, you would argue that someone else may have not figured it out.

    Yes, you probably really like getting paid to run a script once a month. But that is not your place to decide. What you want with the company is a contractor relationship, not an employee one. Contractors are paid to do a job and have full leeway to do it how they want, to even sub-contract the task to others, while employees are paid to work, specifically for their time. You need to look at your contract and possibly talk to a solicitor who specialises in employment law about how much trouble you could be in and what can be done to mitigate it.

    They can also advise on negotiating a more contractor-based role. There is also a third option: you sell them the automation. Again, talk to a lawyer about this. However, there is always a latent risk that someone else may discover the potential for automation independently and undercut you.

    Some will argue that now you know, putting it right is enough. Others will dismiss any ignorance and insist that amends should be made for the entirety of the violation. The water could be really muddied if we try to throw in the ethics of mothers being made to work full-time to support their children against whatever wrongs you may have done and colour your actions as a lesser evil.

    You have to balance your principles with your own self-interest and the interests of your dependents. Your relationship with the company will be far less decided on ethics directly and instead on law: what has been agreed to and can be demonstrated and proven. Ethics affect your reputation and conscience. If you have a decent notice period suitable to finding a new job then I would skip the bugs phase next month and then say:.

    Do you have something else for me to do? So I understand that you hesitant to disclose the facts and be laid off immediately.

    In that case I would use your free time to find a new job. Then quit and tell them. Are they paying me for my time? Even better automating usually leads to reduction of mistakes, so you are probably doing a better job then the guy before you again, sans the intentional bugs, because WTF?

    This question is the sole reason why so many philosophers and even whole religions like Amish , advocate against trading time for money, they advocate trading services for money, because then all the improvements, automations and innovations benefit the person who has made them.

    However there are other considerations here.

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    It would also be incredibly unethical if the company were to dump you after you saved them so much hassle once you give them your solution they have the job they wanted done and a worker who can do another 39 hours of work for the same price they were happy to pay for the job as well saving others from having to check so closely for errors and you have to consider the personal cost of losing your job especially to your family.

    I would float the idea that you are looking for other projects. Basically say you have a small amount of free time and want to know what else you can do. You never know, there might be a few things you can do and it is a risk free way of bringing up the subject. If no new projects come along you can safely say there is a high risk of the company being unappreciative of your work at least with the high cost it could entail to you.

    Find a new job that is suitable for your needs and hopefully a bit more entertaining. Quit only once a suitable job is found. I would stop bringing in the bugs though, that seems a bit more dodgy and leaving them out just makes it look like you have a way of checking your work. If so, then spending time with your son is very important and this is a good opportunity to do that. Imagine you found a load of gold buried in your back garden that could easily be extracted.

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    All you had to do was dig it out, clean it up a bit and you could sell it. The same question applies to any high-margin product. It could be argued that it is wrong to charge a high price for something you produced at low cost, but that is how the capitalist society we live in works.

    Market value is set by how much people are willing to pay. There is nothing wrong with automating parts or even your entire job. Do not introduce deliberate bugs. Contrary to what is being said here, what you are doing is valid. The rest is completely valid.

    As someone who did data entry meant to be manual, and automated it, I can answer this. In my case I could have had a mindless data entry job for half a year, guaranteed. Instead I automated the process and publicly disclosed this to my employer.

    Below is why I disclosed it. If it goes wrong after they fire you, how do they fix it? Are any of those colleagues your friends? You might be able to reduce their own workloads too, either directly by giving them the tools or indirectly by taking off what might have become their workload. If your program can auto-validate work, it means the validators have less work to deal with. Less stress for them. More success for this company. By not disclosing you solved what they perceived as a complex problem with a straight-forward solution that could be saving them many working hours , you ultimately hide your own talents from view, which means they cannot reassign you to a better position, or allocate you more challenging and thus more interesting work.

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